Sunday, March 29, 2015

Introducing Bentley Our Second Yorkie

T and I have been wanting a rescue Yorkie for sometime but timing just wasn't right. Well, by word of mouth we came across a three year old neutered male Yorkie looking for a new furever home! A week later there we were bringing him home:-) 
Our biggest concern was Little Miss Sadie. She likes other dogs for 2 minutes then can be a little mean so we did a lot of research on how to introduce a new dog to the family. We took them to a park first thing and walked then around. Everything went better than expected. Then we brought him home and he peeing and humping pillows started! 
But I fell in love with him immediatley, he grew on Tee in the months to come!
After a lot of patience in love he is fully potty trained (way better than Sadie) and just a big bucket of love who steals Sadie's food! Sadie is coming around, but definitely asserting her self as alpha dog.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Christmas Tree Card:Prek

No matter how much a prepare materials I can not seem to have a single Prek class project turn out like I imagine:-( but these aren't bad;-)

Wreath Christmas Card

My sweet 1st graders made these cute wreaths. My glue was a disaster, however! Haha!

Handmade cards: ornaments

Sorry for the sideways shots! 

Christmas Cards for Soldiers

This is the first round my 2nd graders made for a special request of cards for 5 soldiers deployed. Too cute- their messages made me want to cry!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


It has been a long time since I bothered blogging. But here I am wanting to kick back in and journal my life:-) Let's start off with a post on B man! He is 2 and 3 months! Time has flown.
Here he is at the Greensboro, NC children's museum with his Baby

VA Tech game! 


He love love loves his tricycle.

This face.

All boy, throwing and collecting rocks to throw for later.


Enjoying the Sandbox the men on the Whittle side of the family built him for his second birthday!

Well, promising it won't be another half a year before my next post!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Afternoon DIY Project: lyric art

Made this for my hubby today while my little man was napping. 
I just used a canvas I had on hand (11x14) arranged vinyl letters (4in, 3in, and 1 in) I bought from michaels and had on hand for a similar project I made for my SIL. I cut each individual letter out and arranged  in a quote I picked out from our wedding song. Mod podged over the letters so they would stay better and then before it dried, painted with blue and green acrylic paint. Before the paint dried I peeled the letters off. I ended up having some issues with the paint so I made it look a little rougher by using some tissues to dab. I like the distressed look quite a lot actually!